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What is Insight Marketing and do I have an idea?

Save yourself $10,000 — click here to learn all about insight marketing. Insight Marketing is about the two parts needed to generate leads. First you need a CRM tool — Hubspot is the gold standard — that you actually use and leverage to its full capacity, The other vital half is having something interesting to say: Insights. This is often relegated to the term content, but it’s much greater than that. It’s big thinking, designed well and uniquely you. It might be funny or profound; text or video; raw or polished. But it will be your voice.

The Voice is a recognized leader in the email and online marketing arenas. We have crafted dozens of campaigns for years, and are experts in coding, templates, A-B Testing, metrics and analysis.

Email campaigns are now a core feature of content marketing. The Voice integrates all appropriate online channels into the sales funnel campaigns we create for our clients.

We are certified Hubspot partners and authorized by Google for work such as SEO, PPC and Analytics.


We help IT companies build, manage and fully leverage their CRM and MAT platforms to fill their sales pipeline to nurture prospects through the buyers’ journey and generate leads.


We have the in-house bench strength to write and/or shoot and package your insights in memorable and intriguing fashions.


Emails & Online Assets

Target emails, landing pages, thank you messages, subject lines

Case Studies

Institute of Culinary Education (ICE)

Created integrated marketing campaign for one of the country’s leading cooking schools, including activation, print ads, collateral and more.


The Voice

With a unique model of labor/learn/live under one roof, The Voice serves many constituencies, from companies looking for professional marketing solutions to students of the history of advertising. For instance, The Intern Experience has a large following, as emerging talent learn what an ad agency is like through the real-life stories of our apprentices. The Voice communicates with its diverse 18,000-member list through email marketing, blog posts, social channels, videos, articles on trade sites and more. Messaging varies depending on who and where they are, but the common thread is they communicate The Voice’s stories in memorable and interesting ways.

Voices of the Voice



Widgetopia: Before there was Facebook, LinkedIn or even the word Social was even in the vernacular, we developed the Webby®-winning ur-online community, Widgetopia, a world where mainframers rule.