Web Design & Development

CA Molecular Mainframe

This is an app we did for CA Technologies. This web and mobile app allowed CA to communicate the depth and value of its mainframe products in a way that customers could easily navigate and consume.


  • Add tile to the home page
  • Create a new Project with screen shots (or a feed?) to it
  • Copy: Independence Northwest educates and provides access to resources available to individuals with disabilities. Deliverables:
  • Be inspiring and relatable yet approachable to a wide range of readers, many of whom could be significantly impacted
    Meet stringent accessibility standards as well as follow not-for-profit and public sector guidelines


  • Some people need more help then others in order to live independently. The CT Independent Living Council exists as a bridge between millions of citizens and the services available to them. Their site had to meet extremely high standards for accessibility and speak to a broad audience, which is more challenging than it sounds. 


After an initial successful launch with pool houses in 2016, The Voice helped Elbar capitalize on the tiny living movement by expanding them into tiny homes (domiciles), garden hangouts and more. The Voice provides a full range of services, including:

  • Brand development: copy & art direction
  • Website & Video
  • PR campaign that generated coverage in multiple publications
  • Event marketing: Open House
  • Email marketing: Database creation, templates and implementation
  • Direct marketing to multiple targets (pool companies, realtors and consumers)
  • Social setup and implementation and Digital Marketing (SEM/PPC) campaign


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A super-regional bank HQd in the Northeast needed to speak to audiences in multiple lines of business. Challenges: Communicate to individual deposit holders that it was true to its community bank roots yet talk to new markets. Deliverables:

– Content strategy for audiences in Consumer, Small Business, Commercial and Private Banking

– Copy (300+ pages) of award-winning website websterbank.com,