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Whose town is it, anyway?

by | Nov 8, 2023

The town of Fairfield has eminent domain, not the utilities, state of CT, rest stops, developers, Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Transit Authority, There are many entities that seeks to do what they want within Fairfield town lines. But we are responsible for what happens within our borders, and will make decisions best for us. There are scores of case histories that support home rule, esp. when Fairfield is suffering from the impact.

  1. Taxation without representation.  Fairfield Makes, Hartford Takes. In addition, state and departmental budgets, contract awards, political representation, staffing at government agencies, and debt in the budget are driven by Hartford-centric enttities. We seek balance and equity equal to Fairfield county’s population and tax contributions, with the establishment of a Fairfield council. 
  2. UI is owned by Avangrid, who also owns Southern CT Gas and Aquarion Water. They are a Spanish company. The middle-east country of Qatar has a controlling interest in Avangrid Spain, which means our money goes to Qatar. This presents a grave and immediate security risk. A foreign entity such as Avangrid can not own American utilities. It is against national security. We seek the dissolution of any foreign ownership. 
  3. The current structure of Eversource, as an publicly traded entity with P&L, is contrary to its role as a public utility. It exists to be utilized by the people. We seek the breakup of the major utilities with reformation as non-profits.  
  4. They are not compliant with the Environmental Justice Executive Order from the White House. It recognizes decades of past injustices, particularly in urban neighborhoods, and seeks progressive solutions. All entities are to work with Federal agencies in their design and approaches.
  5. Avangrid has long worked with the mayor of Bridgeport’s office. For instance, they did not develop Bridgeport as a harbor.  
  6. Avangrid and Eversource are guilty of misleading statements in their annual reports, when they talk of their commitment to sustainable energy, yet are now leaving. Utilities are guilty of greenwashing and not being transparent with their plans. They talk of their commitment to Fairfield county but in reality they have pulled out and are not investing in renewable or sustainable technology. They are guilty of fraud and prevarication. 
  7. They have left their real estate behind in terms of abandoned power plants and office buildings, they are not based in Fairfield county and they are withdrawing from Fairfield county.
  8. They are stifling sustainable industry solutions, for example, by only having a window to apply for new commercial properties on two days a year. 
  9. Myopic and self-serving rulings have impacted the health of our communities for years, particularly in inner cities among minorities. 
  10. Lack of clarity in the utility bill. Homeowners each pay different rates, and they can’t tell what their rate is. Bill can be simplified to one line (rate x usage = current charges) with a link to the fine print. 
  11. Make everyone aware of 3rd party supplier option
  12. Rescind Avangrid carbon-emissions tax credits. They got these for free as a participation award and are now selling them.
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