• Aris Global Trade Show

Other Components:

  • 4-in-1 candy bars (representing AG’s four business units)
  • Bottle water (2nd in popularity only to the open bar at the trade show)
  • Branded purse holders, money clips and hourly contests

Don’t Forget Why You’re Here

There are many reasons to attend and exhibit at trade shows and events. Often, it’s to generate leads. The Voice utilized a mobile app with OCR technology. With a simple picture of a prospect’s business card, the data was fed into the client’s CRM — in this case, Salesforce.com — generating a digitized list of follow-ups for the reps immediately after the show. No more coming home with a stack of notes that you can’t sort out! 

A Fresh Approach To Event Properties

Disappointingly, trade show booths are mostly the same scaffolding & skin they’ve been 30 years. The Voice gave Aris Global a show-stopping presence by using high-throw projectors that broadcast a loop of content-rich videos onto back-to-back 12′ screens. Plus, a suspended one-meter LED ball played motion graphics & promotional messaging that were seen throughout the cavernous exhibit hall. Finally, a photo station offering free professional headshots generated significant attendee traffic to the booth.

“The Voice is among the best ad agencies I’ve ever worked with. On various marketing and technology projects, I have found them to be creative, enthusiastic and a genuine asset. Its ability to drive projects and create interesting and unique collateral is outstanding.”  — David Liff, CMO, Aris Global

  • Aris Global 3D spinning atom by The Voice
    Aris Global Main Corporate Domain Video
  • Aris Global Motion Graphics by The Voice
    Aris Global Total Clinical Solutions Video