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The Voice uses LED Ball at DIA

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The Voice Uses LED Visuals to Help ArisGlobal “Own” DIA 2015

Elyse Bokuniewicz
(203) 297-2527
July 14, 2015
The Voice uses LED lighting and videos to help ArisGlobal “own” DIA
Once again, ArisGlobal turned to The Voice to fully leverage their presence at the Drug Information Alliance’s premiere event, attended by tens of thousands of life sciences professionals.
The Voice designed and built ArisGlobal’s booth property, which broke with the traditional (and antiquated) trade show scaffold-and-skin display in favor of filling two large projection screens with content-rich videos and motion graphics; traffic-driving promotions, such as a photo station for free professional headshots; and an LED ball that could be seen throughout the cavernous Washington D.C. Convention Center.

LED, or light emitting diode, is a newer mode of lighting. LEDs are very bright, and are rising into popularity in advertising due to their stunning imagery and flexibility for a variety of uses. ArisGlobal showcased a 3-foot LED sphere that crowned their tradeshow display. The ball projected both pre-made videos and messages that were updated throughout the show. Using this technology informed the viewers immediately of ArisGlobal’s offerings: thought leadership in life sciences, networking, photos, contests and, most importantly, free water and espresso. The Voice is happy to have helped ArisGlobal in promoting the progression of wellness and life science though the unity of health and technology.

About ArisGlobal:
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