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The Who is Who of Advertising

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The Who is Who of Advertising

What Role Will You Play?


Next week The Voice advertising will release the first of a five-part feature on the roles in Advertising.

Communication, marketing, psychology – examples of studies that have exploded in popularity over the last decade. A very natural transition, seeing what has changed in the world since the start of this millennium. Social media was the natural outcome of a generation who was raised with computers and accepted Internet as their main form of communication. They have undergone the rise and demise of MySpace and the beginning of the Facebook Empire, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, the list goes on. These tools have allowed this generation to be in touch with other instantly and continuously, making them wonder: what makes people tick?

So many of the graduates of these programs find their way into the ad business. Using their insights to create more intelligent, efficient, and beautiful ads. And who would blame them? Advertising requires creativity; understanding of the human psyche, an eye for business and a knack for persuasion and to work at an ad agency is a dream for many of these young creative minds.

The question is: do they have what it takes – and more importantly – what roll will they play? Say you’re an ad man at a party and people will nod heavily and be impressed. But the agency team is probably the most diverse of all industries. It is were the brainy academics, the sleek suits, the artsy creatives and stoic writers all come together and work in harmony. So for the aspiring ad men and ad women, the Voice ad agency will list the key players of the typical ad agency in a five-part weekly feature called: What roll will you play?

Each feature will discuss one of the positions key to the core of any ad agency – strategy, accounts, creative, copywriting, and the latest member of the family, digital. The pieces will review the 101’s of each role: what does it mean to be an account executive; what skills does it take to become the best digital marketer; where did the strategic planners come from; who works with the copy writers; and who were the legendary art directors?

The first edition ‘Strategic Planner, The Adscientist’ will appear Wednesday October 7th, so tune in to or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.