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Coming soon, an Expanded History of Ads Website

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coming-soon-galleryAs you may know, we’re all about the History of Advertising here at The Voice. It has already been almost three months since AMC’s hit show Mad Men ended in its dazzling finale. Although we dearly miss following the lives of Don, Joan, Peggy and all those other great characters, we also felt that we missed the beautiful example of ads from the 70s that were featured in the show; from Don’s first lucky strike campaign, to that monumental Coca Cola commercial finale.

As you might now, The Voice has its own collection of historical advertisements, at It presents a cohesive overview of advertising since the dawn of recorded time. The History of Ads site has been under development this summer, but the new and improved version is returning in September.

Over the last few months we have been building a user friendly, informative and educational website on the History of ads. The website will feature tools ranging from The Ad Database, to short lessons, full and lectures. This is how you can get a college-level education in advertising history, for free!

Our biggest addition, The Ad Database, will the first of its kind. A comprehensive and searchable overview of advertisements made through the ages, by the greatest advertisers, illustrators, and designers of their time. Learning about these Ads – from the Bauhaus era, to US war posters in WWII – will not only teach you about what used to be, but also what will be the way to sell your product. You have to know the past to understand the present!

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.