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The Voice is always looking for talent. Whether you are an admin, account executive, art director, editor, programmer, social media specialist or anything else in the commercial communications field, we would love to make your acquaintance. Even if you are not looking for a job currently, but just want to network, we encourage you to click on the APPLY NOW button so we can start to get to know each other. All submissions will be held in strictest confidence. Thank you for your time.

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Internship Programs
You’ll learn more in one semester than years at college. The Voice Boot Camp is an intensive, master class for entry-level talent. You’ll learn online and onsite, complete solo and team projects, read like crazy and weekly seminars. Under the tutelage of Voice senior staff, you’ll learn how an ad agency operates, what is expected of different roles at the firm, how to interact with clients, what apps are used and skill sets required, and most importantly, how to help clients Sell More Stuff. You’ll read literature on the subject, attend regular in-house seminars, get pushed to achieve, and emerge with a holistic understanding and sense of growth like never before. Interested? Bring thyself on.

Selected candidates will get great experience working on real campaigns for real clients. They’ll get the opportunity to get as much responsibility as they can handle. Nestled in Fairfield, CT, The Voice is close to NYC, the beach, and a great quality of life. Candidates need to be bright, motivated and demonstrate ability in the skills required.

Creative: Copywriters & Art Directors
Work as a team to deliver creative concepts including artwork, animation, and interactive content. This is a creatively challenging role, and you will be asked to wear many hats while helping to craft concepts and full executions. This will involve creating striking visuals, writing outstanding copy, and exceeding client expectations. Art Directors must be adept  in Adobe Creative Suite. Writers should be able to string a page of paragraphs together in a cohesive thought. Editors will need to know Adobe Premiere/After Effects and/or Final Cut Pro.

Account Management
Work with our account team to ensure clients are happy, and have all the information they need to make decisions quickly. You’re job will be to work with our account executives to keep projects on schedule, on time and on budget. You’ll learn the ins and outs of account management and be a key player. You’ll be involved in client meetings, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Social Media/PR
Are you passionate about social media, influencing and engaging with customers? Do you love social media, blogging, tweeting? Are you a great writer, inquisitive and a news junkie? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you may be our next social media and PR intern. Your job will be to plan and execute social media campaigns to boost engagement and traffic for the Voice and our clients’ targeted audiences. You’ll write press releases, and get stories in traditional media as well as social media. You’ll increase fans, likes, and followers, and have an awesome time doing it.

Past Interns.

2014 Fall Interns


The Voice Danielle Garcia Intern


Danielle Garcia

“While interning at The Voice, I had several opportunities to learn from real life business experiences in a positive work environment. I was able to learn things here that I would not have been able to learn in a classroom.


The Voice Joe Wool Intern

Joe Wool

“During my time at The Voice I learned many different aspects of the advertising industry. I was able to attain real world experience while meeting some great people in the process.”


Interns Comment

Summer 2014 Interns:

(From left to right)

Sofia Zenzola, Account Intern, Boston College

Breana Burek, Social Media Intern, Hofstra University

Caitlyn Lester, Creative Intern, Eastern Connecticut State University

Molly McQuade, Account Intern, Marquette University 

“We work in the morning and learn in the afternoon. While our main responsibilities are to improve The Voice internally, we have the opportunity to assist with client calls, meetings, and other day to day tasks. We are challenged everyday and have developed a FIO (figure it out) work ethic- all while forming great friendships.”


Lindsay Ancel

Creative Intern, Eastern CT State University

“The internship provided me a lot of insight into marketing and advertising, which went along well with my program at school. The work is interesting and challenging at the same time and you have to wear many hats. The learning environment helps you to grow in your roles and take on many responsibilities with ease.”


Nicole Salamone

Digital Media Intern, University of Connecticut

“The opportunity pushed me beyond my limits and what I thought was possible. It has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience, and I encourage anyone to take advantage of it. The hands-on experience and relationships you will gain during this internship are immeasurable.”


Maxwell Kale

Copywriting Intern, Southern CT State University

“I am a copywriter-in-training. I had a summer internship, then applied and came by in the Spring for another one.”


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