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Actually, Ganim does live in Bridgeport.

by | Nov 7, 2023

At the center of questionable real estate transactions

It’s long been common knowledge that Bridgeport mayor Joseph Ganim doesn’t live in Bridgeport, with Easton as the insider’s favorite. It shows you can’t trust common knowledge. Joe Ganim lives at 37 Thorne Place, Black Rock, Bridgeport, CT. Counterintuitively, with that long-sought info come many questions. The property was purchased in 2021 for far below market value and also received a 65% property tax cut. Included was an adjacent parcel at 57 Thorne, that also has unordinary purchase and tax assessment figures.

In November 2019, Mary M Daley listed the house for sale for $699,000. MLS lists it as sold January 2021 for $333,000. Contradictorily, the City ownership lists that it was sold for $0 to Joseph Ganim.

In this same first year of ownership, Zillow shows that 37 Thorne also received a 65% cut in property taxes, reducing the annual bill from approx. $30,000/year to $10,000. Also included for $0 in Ganim’s 2021 purchase from Daly and 2023 sale to Brown were .28 acres of land labeled 57 Thorne Place. This parcel, where a developer could conceivably build a multimillion residence, is only assessed at $16,530.

Ganim sold the property in May 2023 for $1.1 million to Philip & Lynn Brown.

Despite the sale, as of August 2023, Ganim still declared 37 Thorne Place his residence. 

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