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The Voice ad agency may not be The Way, but it’s Our Way. And clients are the beneficiaries. Based outside of NYC in Fairfield, CT, we primarily serve firms in IT/software, who often have great products but complicated stories.  We shape and align each customer’s voice both internally and externally.

Go-to-market services include videos, advertising campaigns, websites & digital solutions. Current and recently satisfied clients include: CA Technologies; ArisGlobal, Avalara, Allen Systems Group, IBM, Jabil, Kitchen Brains and You & Mr Jones.


Advertising Services

The Voice is your Voice. We shape messaging to capture the essence of your products and services. Go-to-market services include advertising campaigns, videos, websites & digital solutions.


Education and Training

To provide opportunity for emerging talent, we have a free robust internship program; we also educate the masses on the History of Advertising — all for free. We also consult and train business professionals, who are more than willing to pay for the training.


The Voice Gallery of Advertising and Design

The ad house is a working museum. Rooms are furnished in famous design styles. Everything is available, too — to bring it from our place to yours, you can come visit or shop online.


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Video Production


Kitchen Brains

Kitchen Brains Trade Show Booth


Current and recent clients


History of Advertising

Now you can get 3,000 years of great thinking on one site. The history of advertising (and some graphic design) is a testament to great thinking and thinkers. From ancient Babylonia to Internet design, legions of talented people have applied their skills to communicate. To learn more visit our blog.


Whitebox Production Studio

The Whitebox is a video production studio in Fairfield, CT, located in The Voice ad agency facility. There is equipment and support for: greenscreen video production shoot; tabletop and modeling photography sessions, webinars and more. There is a full suite of equipment, a green room; makeup, hair & wardrobe room, and personnel to conceive, edit and produce your work, if necessary. View our setup here.

Futures at The Voice

The Voice is always looking for talented people. Whether you are a secretary, account director, art director, editor, programmer, social media specialist, or anything else in the commercial communications field, we would love to make your acquaintance. Even if you are not currently looking for a job, but just want to network, we encourage you to at least drop us a line. We love discovering any new talent in this area. To learn more please visit our careers page.